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A Free Universal ASIO Driver That You Use With WDM Audio

You may have seen the AsIO4ALL driver tagged as an alternative driver that allows you to create music on your PC but it is much more than that. It is an independent audio driver which means it is free for use on a wide range of programs and audio devices so long as the device/software has WDM support.

It Stands On Its Own In The Sound Industry

The AsIO4ALL stands alone because there are no other "good" audio drivers that are independent. There are plenty of audio drivers that are better than this one but they are not universal which is why this driver is so great. There are no other audio drivers that are recommended by Alesis for when your custom Alesis driver fails. The AsIO4ALL driver works for all versions of Windows even though the developers didn't make Windows 10 officially supported until 2016. There is no technical manual saying which configurations and with which hardware this program will work and since the developers will not make a list you will just have to try the driver to see if it works.


If you haven't worked with ASIO before then you will struggle to install and use the driver and the developers are not very helpful when it comes to teaching you. The AsIO4ALL has its fair share of issues. It is not perfect but it works on a massive range of programs and audio devices because it is universal and that alone is enough reason to give it the respect it deserves.


  • A universal audio driver from an independent developer
  • Substitute this driver in when your custom driver fails
  • It works with anything that has WDM support


  • It still has application verifier errors
  • The developers are not very forthcoming with technical information
  • Novices will have trouble figuring out how to install and/or use this driver

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ASIO4ALL Final 2.9 for Windows

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    The best of the best. ASIO4all is the best independent audio driver written which works with any/most audio device/s. Some manufacturerMore

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